Sunday, May 31, 2009

Saturday Training

Another week of training for us TNTers. Another week closer to your ultimate goal. To complete a half or full marathon. A 5 or 6 mile run.walk for most of you. It wasn't as humid as last week, but for me, the pollen count most have been in the trillions.

I was hoping to go 8 and had to cut it short. I'm gonna have to start running in the desert. 

Anyway, everyone is doing great. Wednesday will be a group practice on the thrack and Harley will be there to get you to run/walk fast. I won't be there physically, but I will be thinking about all the fun you will have while I am stuck in a VMware seminar.

I'll see everyone next Saturday.


  1. I agree with JPG, update your blog ;)

    Any advice for plantar fasciitis? It's terrible! I've been rolling a frozen water bottle under my foot but looking for more relief... I'd love suggestions!